Has your child come home with a report card that reflects less than what you know she is capable of? 


Does your child complain about just not understanding what the teacher is talking about?


Has your daughter broken down and told you (maybe through tears) how lost she is in math class? Or science class? Or English class?


Or, even worse, have you and your child sat at the homework table together only to end up frustrated and getting nowhere?


Maybe you've watched your child's grade get lower and lower all semester and his promise to bring it up on his own just hasn't happened.  




Who I am

My Services, Specifically

  • 3rd through 12th grade

  • Understanding how to study for a test

  • Prioritizing homework or major projects

  • Utilizing different strategies to help you understand what you are reading

  • Taught in group session of   6-8 students

  • All ages

  • How to make and maintain friendships

  • How to regulate your emotions

  • How to maintain a conversation

  • Healthy ways to handle conflict

  • Taught in group session of   6-8 students


  • Kindergarten thru 8th grade

  • All subjects

  • One-on-one focused attention

  • Flexible evening or weekend times available

  • STAAR prep 

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Study Skills

Social Skills

Individual Tutoring

$30 per one-hour session

$30 per one-hour session


Study Skills


None at this time

Social Skills


1st and 3rd Saturdays

7th-12th 5:00pm-6:00pm





3:00pm - 8:00pm



4:00pm - 6:00pm







Call to schedule a session: 903.456.0849


Class Act 





              student success!


Hi. I'm Sarah Rodriguez, and I can help. The situations described above are all too common in today's education system. So if you find yourself in one of them, be assured you are not alone! And you're doing the right thing by reaching out for help. That's what I'm here for. But that's only one of the areas of my expertise...


What if your child is doing great in school, even preparing to go on furthering his education, and you want to help him along by sharpening his study skills? Or your little one just needs some guidance in the appropriate ways to act in a social environment. I can help you there, too. 


This is not only what I do, it's what I love doing! I'm an educator who is eager to see young people challenged and their minds expand. It is priceless to see their faces when they realize their own capabilities outreach what they first thought they could do. I have been a special education teacher in the local public school district for several years, and my experience in the classroom has shown me how often there is a significant gap between what is taught and what students should know. Let me help you fill that gap for your child...

$40 per one-hour session